Yes, we know, horseracing is already on television so why the title?

First of all, the HBO series "Luck" was a total disaster for horseracing even though its writers, crew, and production team were doing their best to celebrate the sport. The reality is that the series portrayed horseracing as "seedy", full of degenerate gamblers and operated by criminals. To some extent, the series was accurate--New York is the epicenter of the industry and that city and state are notorious for organized crime, especially when it comes to gambling--and yes, horseracing. And, of course, off track betting houses everywhere put on the full display of "seedy" types for all newcomers to enjoy or turn their noses up at, whichever the case may be. Yet in spite of these real and stereotype images of the sport, there is a whole other side waiting to get and parade itself for the benefit of the millions of good and honest people who work in the industry--that is the side that Winner's Universe™ seeks to expose to millions of consumers nationally.

The problem with trying to makeover the image of horseracing is that the issue is highly complex and requires many solutions in different areas of the industry to be erected in unison---drop or miss one and the whole effort becomes a waste of time and investments. We know this from Creatorans's™ Project Metamorphosis study and report and a variety of solution projects prepared for the industry. We know, for example, that installing one or ten new TV series focused on horseracing will not work to bring the sport back because underlying mechanics in the consumer supports will not allow it. Networks can work all year long and never solve the problem simply because they do not know anything about the underlying issues and how to solve them---entertainment or a mere TV series is never going to do it. Yet, likely, that will not stop horseracing or the networks from wasting their money.

Imajilan™ worked closely with Creatorans™ to come up with a comprehensive plan that would not only help the ailing American horseracing industry survive, but actually turn it into one of the fastest growing industries in the US. A minor part of the over-all solution set is the creation of the Winner's Universe TV series. The project is not seen as the fix, but part of a wider set of solutions needed for success.

Winner's Universe™ is expected to deliver a rated broadcast TV series as part of a far larger solution set project. However, the success of the show will be attributed to the success of the other components in the mix. Some of those components include things that have nothing to do with TV entertainment, such as race schedules, special events, new betting forms, track revitalization and a list that is very long, yet doable. And yet other success contributors will come from areas of innovation, new production methods, new writing techniques such as "story engineering" and "transmedia scions" that push and pull consumers through one of the most interactive experiences ever devised. And we're just scratching the surface...

Winner's Universe™ is multistage project requiring one of the largest undertakings in industry history but when complete, the transformation will have ensured that horseracing has returned to America as one of the top sports and entertainment outlets truly worthy of the title, the Sport of Kings!

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